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What is DeFi?

If you've been in the crypto world over the last few years, you'll certainly have heard about the word DeFi in expressions such as "I've invested a few Ethereums in DeFi", "DeFi is going to change the world economy". But what is DeFi?

DeFi means "Decentralized Finance", is a system that allows you to do most of the things that banks do today: Generate interest, borrow money, trade assets....

In the future (and this is facts), the decentralized economy will replace traditional banks, since all this is carried out in a decentralized and automated way, and this creates much less room for human error.

The DeFi complexity


Currently DeFi systems are extremely complex to use. If you talk about all this to anyone who is not aware of the crypto world, they will more or less understand it, but they will surely ask, how do I do it?

Now, tell a person that he or she has to buy a device called Ledger Nano, install an extension called Metamask, and configure all of that to access platforms like Zapper, where there are a thousands of different cryptocurrencies, to choose an investment option and diversify it... Surely this person will prefer to access a bank investment, which he or she probably understands much better.

If nothing is done to make this change, we will never make the leap to the decentralized economy. And the economic environment we have right now, plagued by corruption and human error, will continue to dominate forever.

What is Swapper?


Swapper is an application created by crypto enthusiasts, whose goal is to bring the world of decentralized economy closer to everyone. Our purpose is to create an interface as simple and accessible as possible for everyone.

In 2020, just when quarantine ended, we realized that we couldn't go to the bank to do our business, and we thought about how this would change in the future, since, after all, it would have to be digitized. And we asked ourselves... What if we do it differently?

We put our hands to work on this issue, we gathered a lot of ideas on the table. The first thing to accomplish would be to make a decentralized exchange. We took a look at the market and we realized that there were very powerful options, but they were not as developed as we would like them to be: Uniswap, ThorChain, PankakeSwap...

2021 arrived and the development continued, the platforms were growing more and more, and we decided we would use Thorchain. After all, it seemed to us to be the only platform that offered what we wanted: A true cross-chain exchange.

Today, in 2022, and with everything defined and on track, we are ready for you to experience what we have been working on.

Swapper is better


Our purpose is to make this a good thing, to enter the future economic market in which banks will not exist.

We aim to be an efficient competitor, offering easy to use interfaces for you to manage your financial assets, and we are willing to achieve this. We are ready to make it happen. Will you join us on this journey?