Advantages of

Swapper NFT Beta


The first-ever Swapper NFT drop, and the badge that unlocks access to the beta version of the application. Only accessible to those brave enough to become a Swapperian.

Participate in the beta testing phase of the application.
Access to exclusive giveaways and other events.
Whitelist for the next collection and some surprises.
Who knows if in the future...

Steps to get your Swapper NFT

Swapper NFT

If you have got a Swapper NFT, CLAIM IT. Since it is a small collection with controlled access, the Swapper NFT Beta Collection will be manually minted. In order to redeem your NFT and your beta access, you need to go to 4 steps:

  • • Obtain the NFT

  • • Contact with Swapper’s team

  • • Verify your NFT

  • • Obtain the beta key

If you don't understand any steps or need more information, follow this step-by-step tutorial.



Obtain the NFT

You can obtain the Swapper NFT Beta collection by participating in the Discord community, being one of the users of the UX tests, in raffles, winning one of the treasure hunts, or in collaborations with our community.



Contact with Swapper’s team

Once you know you have fulfilled the requirements to claim your NFT, go to the Swapper Discord or contact the official Twitter account to have someone from the team mint yours.



Verify your NFT

Go to our Discord and find the #verify-nfts channel. Follow the steps indicated by the bot to validate your NFT. Once verified, you will be a Beta Tester.



Obtain the beta key

Inside our Discord and being a Beta Tester, find the #get-beta-key channel and click on the button to get your key. You will soon receive a private message with your key.