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Discover the advantages of Swapper ecosystem. Discover the advantages of crosschain swaps in a decentralized way.

Discover Swapper MAIN GOALS

Main goals


In the near future, decentralized economy will dominate the world and it will be a safer and more efficient system than traditional banking, for several reasons.

Swapper's goal is to bring the decentralized economy to everyone, in a way that it will be as easy to use as your banking application.

Therefore, you can use Swapper as an all-in-one application for your cryptocurrencies and exchange your cryptoactives in many different blockchains.

Universal access to cryptocurrency

Swapper's goal is to become a leading decentralized application accessible to everyone. Crypto is envisaged to reach every single country with no distinction. With crypto, every one of us earns power and freedom.

Traditional Banks

You do not own your money - Strong verification - Wait up to 3 days - Human mistakes - High fees


Your money is yours - Low fees - Almost instant - No human mistakes - No corruption

Wallet system

Swapper wallet is designed in a way that you can easily access from anywhere all over the world, without sacrificing your security. Your private keys are never sent to the application (cold wallet), and are only unlocked at the time you make a transaction.

End to end encryption

The Swapper application has end-to-end encryption (like Telegram) The password is encrypted on the client side and sent to the server anonymously. We can neither know the amount of cryptos you have nor have access to them, nor anyone else, just you.

Cold Wallets

If you don't want your information to be sent to Swapper's servers (even if it's encrypted), you always have the option to create a keystore and save it on your computer.

It is always a good option, and all exchanges should offer this possibility.

Under the hood

Swapper's exchange is powered by ThorChain, a liquidity aggregator that allows trading between native currencies. It works in a very simple way, you “take” the currency you want to exchange, and ThorChain gives you the currency of your choice.

Although it sounds simple, it is a complex system that Swapper tries to simplify as much as possible.

Active Blockchains in Swapper

These are the currently Blockchains avaliable in Swapper. Every swap among blockchains can be made by a user of the Swapper app. We are seeking to add more blockchains in the future as Cardano, Solana, Avalanche...